Recent News

As everyone will know the past few months have been very difficult for The Craic Theatre. We have had to cancel or postpone all shows and move our activities for The Youth Theatre and Wee Craicers online. The sad reality is that theatres are going to be one of the last to reopen as a result of this Covid -19 pandemic. Even when we are allowed to re-open, Craic may only be able to hold at best one-third of our usual audiences with social distancing.  Through our audience survey, many of you feel that it will be a considerable time before they would feel safe to come back to the theatre even if we were permitted to open. The curtain has come down on our theatre for now but we are working toward the day when we will get back on our feet and resume our role as a vital part of our community and an important place in the arts sector in the wider area. We will be announcing plans soon which will give everyone who values the work of The Craic Theatre an opportunity to support us with the enormous challenges in the medium to long term future. We are developing a recovery plan and hope that you, our friends and loyal audience can help us put that plan into action. In the meanwhile please STAY SAFE