The Craic so far!

We have been having the best Craic in Coalisland since 1996. That’s all we ever wanted to do, have a bit fun doing what we love doing putting on shows. If we are asked by anyone what is Craic all about, we usually say that we are active in promoting skills and providing opportunities for young people in the fields of performing arts, acting, singing, dancing, set and costume design, lighting design, make-up, etc.

However we do all these things while taking great enjoyment in doing so. It may sound that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Nothing could be further from the truth. We approach every production with a professional attitude that would be the envy of any professional theatre company. Anyone who has been to one of our show would testify to the high standards we set ourselves. But that’s all part of the enjoyment, presenting to the people of Coalisland and beyond top class plays and musicals to the highest standard. Serious fun!

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